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Am I a Candidate for LASIK?

A good LASIK candidate must qualify for the procedure by meeting the general requisites and having an eye examination with an ophthalmologist. Ensuring that you meet the recommended conditions of LASIK through your ophthalmologist promotes safe laser eye surgery and reduces the risk factors linked to LASIK.

General LASIK Requirements

Your ophthalmologist will follow these guidelines when considering your candidacy for LASIK. For safe laser eye surgery, the LASIK candidate must meet the following requirements:

  • Ensure that the eye has developed properly and matured, the ideal LASIK candidate is at least 21 years old.
  • Prior to surgery, vision must be stable for at least one year.
  • No eye infection or injury within the past year.
  • Candidates may not be affected by an autoimmune disorder, such as Sjogren's Syndrome or Lupus.
  • No history of herpes infections in the eye, as LASIK may bring on a recurrence of the infection.
  • No scarring may be present on the cornea to be considered for LASIK.
  • Candidates must understand the risks of LASIK surgery and have realistic expectations regarding the results that can be achieved.
  • A LASIK candidate may not be nursing or pregnant on the date of surgery.
  • Individuals with dry eye syndrome are not good LASIK candidates.
  • Individuals with pupils that dilate beyond seven millimeters in the dark are not good candidates for LASIK.

Evaluation With anEye Doctor

If you are seeking safe laser eye surgery, it is imperative that you meet with an experienced eye doctor to find out if you are a LASIK candidate. During this exam, the eye doctor will check your eyes and review your medical history. The eye doctor can also discuss your LASIK options with you.

If it is determined that you meet the requirements of LASIK and are a good candidate for this effective and safe procedure, laser eye surgery preparation will begin. The eye doctor will examine your eyes, measuring such factors as the amount of refractive error and corneal thickness.

Your ophthalmologist will preform your LASIK surgery after all the information about your eye and eye health, measurements for amount of refractive error and corneal thickness have been reviewed by the ophthalmologist.


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