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Gravlee Safety Bevel 

  • More efficient and safer then present methods
  • Performs a sharper, cleaner cut of the cataractous material
  • Procedure is enhanced and made more predictable
  • Offers best occlusion with greatest possible safety  
The Gravlee Safety Bevel probe. Improved tip for safer and more efficient results with less complications.

Dr. Gravlee is first on the Gulf Coast to use additional safety precautions:

  • NO Shot * NO Needle * NO Bruise - Eye drop anesthesia - Avoids all the retrobulbar block complications including droopy lid, double vision, globe perforation and death from respiratory arrest
  • NO Stitch - Self Sealing 2.5mm micro incision - minimal obtainable by utilizing small selection of some of the currently available FDA approved advances lenses
  • NO Patch - Useful vision first day - Particularly helpful to people with one eye or requiring good depth perception
  • NO Bleeding * NO Blood - Clear corneal incisions.  Ideal for patients on blood thinners (aspirin or Coumadin)
  • NO Restrictions - Quick return to normal activity and healthy lifestyle

Dr. Gravlee is the first surgeon in Alabama to perform:

  • "Cold Phaco" Non Thermal technique to prevent corneal burns - "Phacosonification"
  • "Sleeveless" Cataract removal with ultra small incision
  • Toric intraocular lens implant (Correct Astigmatism during cataract surgery)
  • ICL - Implantable Contact Lens - The New Lasik Alternative (Reversible)

Treatments Available
:: TECNIS Multifocal Lens (IOL)
:: Gravlee Safety Bevel
:: Am I a Candidate?


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