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PRK - Pre-Operative Instructions

FOUR WEEKS prior to your procedure

  • Discontinue wearing hard or gas permeable contact lenses (NOTE: Four weeks is best, but two weeks are acceptable).
  • You may want to go ahead and make arrangements for someone to drive you home the day of your procedure.
  • Depending on your occupation, you may need to arrange to be away from work for up to four (4) days following your procedure. 

TWO WEEKS prior to your procedure

  • Discontinue wearing soft contact lenses (NOTE: Two weeks is best, but one week is acceptable).
  • Make sure you have arranged for someone to drive you home the day of your procedure. 

THREE DAYS prior to your procedure

  • If applicable, stop wearing eye make-up.  Facial make-up is still o.k., but definitely discontinue all direct eye make-up (eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, etc.).

ONE DAY prior to your procedure

  • Do NOT consume any alcoholic beverages the day before your procedure. 
  • Get a good night’s sleep.

THE DAY of your procedure:

  • There are no general restrictions for eating.  Eat a normal breakfast and/or lunch, or you may eat lightly throughout the day, up until the time of your arrival. 
  • Take your oral medications as you normally would, unless otherwise instructed.
  • Do NOT wear any make-up on your face (if applicable).
  • Do NOT use any facial lotion or cream. 
  • Do NOT wear hair spray or hair gel.
  • Do NOT wear jewelry, especially earrings, necklaces, or any other facial jewelry.
  • Do NOT wear perfume or cologne.
  • Do NOT wear your hair in a braid or ponytail.
  • Please arrange for someone to stay with you at VisionaryUSA.com Surgery Institute during your procedure.  If someone is not able to stay with you, please indicate to us how you will be transported home.  You CANNOT drive yourself home following the procedure.
  • Bring your copy of the informed consent, Understanding Refractive Eye Surgery, with each page initialed and/or signed.
  • Dress comfortably.  Keep in mind the procedure room is often very cool, so you may want to bring a sweater.  Try not to wear any type of clothing that generates lent (for example - wool, etc.)

Post-Operative Instructions

THE DAY of your procedure

  • This should be a day of rest.  No strenuous activity.
  • Your vision will become progressively clearer over the first 24 hours.  However, visual improvement also depends on the particular refractive procedure you had done.  (This will be discussed with you in office.) 
  • You may experience some slight foreign body sensation and/or sensitivity to light.  Generally no significant discomfort is associated is LASIK, but PRK may be slightly more uncomfortable.  (This will be discussed with you in office.)
  • Be very careful about activities where your eye may be poked, rubbed or touched.  Do NOT play with children on this day!
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes.  Instead, use lubricant eye drops to soothe irritation.
  • Avoid staring without lubricating (blinking) the eyes.  (For example, you may watch T.V. or read, but make sure you are not sitting directly under a ceiling fan or vent, and make sure you blink regularly to prevent drying out.  Lubricating eye drops are also very helpful.)

24 HOURS after your procedure

  • Take a bath instead of a shower.  Avoid any soap or water in the eyes.
  • Only light activity is advised.  No strenuous activity. 
  • Driving short distances may be permitted as long as the one-day follow-up examination has confirmed adequate vision.
  • Flying in an airplane is permitted as long as you maintain generous eye lubrication by using drops.  Airplane cabins are very dry.

48 HOURS after your procedure

  • Normal driving may be resumed if the follow-up examination confirmed adequate vision.
  • You may take a shower, but be careful to avoid water or soap in the eyes.
  • You may apply facial make-up, but NO eye make-up.
  • Returning to work (non-strenuous activity) is allowed.
  • Using computers is allowed as long as you maintain good eye lubrication.

 72 HOURS after your procedure

  • You may return to a gentle exercise schedule, such as treadmill, stairmaster, etc.
  • Be careful playing with children!
  • Alcohol consumption may be resumed.

ONE WEEK after your procedure:

  • You may now apply eye make-up as desired (if applicable).
  • You may resume usual exercise, such as jogging, rollerblading, relaxed bicycling, playing golf or lifting weights.

THREE MONTHS after your procedure

  • You may proceed (with caution!) with activities such as water skiing, wind surfing, surfing, etc.  However, keep in mind that these activities have a high risk of water being forced into the eye.
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